There are many advantages to a minimony and with COVID-19 throwing a wrench in so many couple’s plans for 2020, minimony’s and micro-weddings are gaining popularity faster than ever before. We have found different ways to celebrate and celebrate we have!  Whether you call it a minimony or a micro-wedding references this to have a ceremony with under 50 guests. A minimony is a small, intimate ceremony with family and friends. Casual, and stress-free is what a minimony focuses on.  By limiting the size of the wedding, a minimony can really focus on the ceremony and their relationships with their family.

We love that couples are able to have a more affordable celebration, a chance to really talk to each guest present, and the opportunity to utilize locations that are the perfect size for a minimony. Lots of couples are choosing to have a minimony now, followed by a big party next year— truly getting the best of both worlds.


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