Green velvet couch lounge collection at corporate EventTake your corporate event to the next level with lounge furniture pieces. These furnishings can be a great way to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for attendees. Also, lounge furniture can help create a cozy and intimate space that encourages conversation and networking among guests. We have rounded up a couple ideas for incorporating lounge furniture into your corporate event and make it a memorable one.

Add lounge furniture to your next corporate event.1. Create a Designated Area

We recommend setting up a designated area with comfortable sofas, accent chairs, ottomans and coffee tables where guests can relax and mingle. This area can be decorated with soft lighting, plants, and other decorative elements to create a cozy atmosphere.


2. Make Sure it is Relaxing

You want to create a more relaxed and casual feel for the event. For example, we recently provided our lounge collection to the grand opening of the Trailheads Art Building in NODA. We love the look that was created at this event with our rose loveseat, Mia accent chairs, ottomans, cowhide rugs and the macrame chandelier!  


3. Utilize Outdoor Space

Lounge furniture can also be used for outdoor events. This creates a smaller space for colleagues to relax and converse with one another. 


Incorporating lounge furniture into your corporate event can help to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your guests. Consider your event’s theme and goals to determine the best ways to use lounge furniture to enhance the overall experience. At NewSouth, we can help you make your next event luxurious, comfortable and and most importantly unforgettable! 

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