Explore our gallery of past events, showcasing stunning furniture pieces that transformed each occasion into a visual masterpiece. Get inspired by our diverse designs and envision how our rentals can bring your event to life.

Couple laughing with hands up on red velvet couch outside.
Woman ordering drink from colorful bar outside.
Couple kissing outdoor wedding, under rectangle arch.
Wedding couple making entrance into reception with elegant lounge furniture in front.
Couple kissing on black velvet couch.
Couple kissing on black velvet couch.
Corporate team photo on orange couch with modern sidetables.
Couple posing on green modern couch.
Couple looking at one another in front of bar with drink in hand.
Wedding couple looking at each other in front of fireplace on red velvet couch.
Couple smiling on white leather couch.
Couple kissing under triangle arch outside.
Couple holding each other on red velvet couch.
Friends cheering on tan velvet couch.
Groom and groomsmen having fun in front of hexagon arch.
Couple twirling under stringed lights at night.
Mr. and Mrs. signs draped over bride and groom gold chairs.
Couple embracing one another in front of cake onn cocktail table.
Couple sitting near floral arch, bride in accent chair.
Wedding couple holding onto each other in brewery.
Bride dancing on checkered dance floor.