Decades ago the green movement was only seen as something of a myth that would only hurt a business financially. Fast forward to the mid-1990s when perceptions of going green began to evolve. The Harvard Business Review  argued that “being green is no longer a cost of doing business; it is a catalyst for innovation, [and] new market opportunity.” To this day, the green movement is still alive and well and has not become a faded trend, like so many others.

NewSouth Event Rentals recognizes that as a company we need to do our part to contribute because this is not just something that matters to us, but our clients, too. Being a socially responsible company is of the utmost importance to the NewSouth team. This is why we collectively stand behind our G2BGREEN initiative. Through this initiative we provide products that have been manufactured to dramatically lower chemical emissions released into the environment.  On our product pages you will find products that have been certified green by MAS, an emissions testing laboratory that helps companies, like NewSouth Event Rentsls, enter the green market. Our customers can rest assured that when they see MAS’ logo on a product, it has passed strict testing requirements to be considered green. To learn more about the green certification backing our products, go to

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