Adrian Hee, Founder and General Manager of NewSouth Event Rentals. Success as an asian american.

Adrian Hee’s journey from Malaysia to the United States exemplifies the resilience and determination of Asian Americans seeking new opportunities. From his immigration as a 15-year-old to a successful career in banking and now entrepreneurship, Adrian’s story showcases achievements and success as an Asian American.

Adrian Hee, Founder and General Manager of NewSouth Event Rentals, sitting in chair looking out.


Building the Foundation for Success as an Asian American

Raised in Florida with his family, Adrian pursued an Accounting degree at the University of Florida. After graduation, he entered the banking industry, leveraging his education and determination to establish himself as a valuable asset. He thrived in the banking industry, rising to Senior VP at Bank of America and Managing Director at Wells Fargo. In the two roles he gained experience in Investment Banking, Capital Markets, Technology, Operations, and Finance. A decade ago, Adrian transitioned to entrepreneurship, investing in real estate, private equity, and running his own company, NewSouth Event Rentals.

As an Asian American, Adrian Hee faced the unique challenge of balancing cultural heritage with assimilation into American society. By seizing opportunities, pursuing education, and excelling in his career, Adrian serves as an inspiration to Asian Americans, making significant contributions to society.

We sat down with Adrian for a candid conversation on his personal journey and what inspired him to start NewSouth Event Rentals.

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